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About Us


Richard and I (Michelle) first met at the University of Akron in Ohio where we both studied engineering, Richard is a Mechanical engineer and I am a Civil Engineer. We learned about a sailing club a few years into college and were taught how to sail.  Competing in 420s and FJ’s was great experience and it introduced us to the cruising opportunities of sailing.


After graduating and getting married, we settled down in Ogden, Utah and were both working full-time as engineers. We worked for three years and then decided now was the time to pursue a dream; no kids, no debt, and good health. Wanting to travel and liking the idea of simple living (among other things) we were drawn to the dream of living and cruising on a sailboat.

The Plan

We began planning probably a year in advance, pinching pennies, reading books and blogs, and researching, researching, researching. We finished up remodeling our 1960 home to put up for sale by early August 2016, which we sold in less than a month! This made us realize we had to get everything else in high gear. We gave our notice to our current employers, and planned our trip across country with the end goal of New Bern, North Carolina. The area is known for great sailing and would be a good area for us to start.

The Boat

Soon to come!


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