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Life Happens….We’re Not Lost At Sea!!!

So, to all of our family and friends who’ve been following our adventure, we apologize for being such absentees in our blogging the last couple of months. I’ve always been somewhat behind with writing, but once we had a visitor, prepping to cross the gulf stream and plan for our return to the US, and then running into a few other unforeseen adventures, keeping up just got away from me. It has become really apparent that writing is something I have to be in the mood to do, and once we got back to the US, I really lost most of my interest in continuing this blog. I do want to continue it, with wherever we continue to adventure to, but I don’t know how regular it will always be. I give so much credit to other bloggers and vloggers who put in so much time and effort for people to see what it is they’re doing with their lives on a regular basis. It’s not easy to keep up, so here’s me attempting to catch up.

I left off with Richard having to leave the Bahamas for a couple days while Connie was visiting with us. He ended up having a job interview fall into his lap and it wasn’t something he wanted to pass up so we found a marina for a couple nights while he was away to make it easier on Connie and I to manage around the island, hopping on and off the boat. (For the record, Richard did not end up getting said job, and maybe that’s meant to be, but we figured he might as well try for it and see what happens). So Connie and I stayed at the Jib Room in Marsh Harbour where there was not only bathrooms and showers (so awesome), but also a pool, free bikes to use, and rake and scrape music night one evening we were there.

We biked around the island, finding the grocery store, a little garden path, and just some general sightseeing and exercise getting off the boat.

The rake and scrape was pretty fun, they had different people come up and try scraping a screwdriver along the serrated edges of saw blades, curving them to make different sounds.

We made some of our own meals, and then followed it up with drinks and dancing with the rake and scrape music. 

Once Richard flew back in, we headed back out sailing to meet up with Moon Shadow in Hope Town for the rest of the week. Connie didn’t take to handling the steering of Runa, but she was a great lookout on the bow of the boat!

Once we got to Hope Town, we enjoyed happy hour with friends, and getting ready to tour the town the next day.

We spent a couple days in Hope Town, biking around the island, touring the lighthouse, and enjoying time with friends among boats.

Our friend Marteen took advantage of the island tradition of hair braiding, complete with some little colorful beads on the ends.

The Elbow Reef Lighthouse in Hope Town, is one of the last operational kerosene-fueled lighthouses left in the world. It is now preserved strictly by donations and has 2 keepers that maintain it and light it every single night. When we were first coming into the Bahamas 3 months ago, it was one of the navigational aides which we used in the middle of the night while we were travelling on the outside of the islands heading south around the Abaco islands towards Eleuthera. While we were anchored outside of Hope Town that week, we were watching for the keeper to light the mantle. That night, it didn’t get lit until about an hour after it was dark. The next day following this event, we toured the lighthouse and chatted with some of the volunteers and come to find out the keeper had a family emergency, and with only 2 keepers on staff, it occasionally can cause delays in getting the mantle lit. To learn more, I encourage you to check out their website,

There are so many flowers on this island decorating all the little cottages along the streets. Connie and I had fun trekking around the island streets just seeing all the little nooks and crannies in different alleys.

This was the last day we spent with Connie before heading back to Marsh Harbor for her to fly home. The day following her departure, we also prepared to depart from Marsh Harbor towards Green Turtle to check out of the Bahamas and head back to the States.

These were some of the last views we had in the Bahamas. I’ll try to get back up to date with our travels back from the Bahamas to the US. We are now “home” and safe, just having to take care of some things with our families. Stay tuned for the rest of our sailing adventures!

Thanks for reading!


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