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George Town and surrounding Cays

We’ve been cruising around Elizabeth Harbor back and forth to George Town and other areas. We’ve been sailing around with Donny and Dianna from Moon Shadow, as well as another couple from North Carolina aboard Regina Maris. We’re all Caliber boat owners, although ours is a bit smaller at 33 ft while our friends both have 38 ft…a whole 5 more feet of room to roam around in! Depending on the weather, we’ve moved around quite a bit between Lee Stocking Island, pictured below, and further North back up to Leaf Cay for a couple days of fishing and snorkeling. Then we moved back towards Red Shanks anchorage for another big blow. 

We’ve spent a fair amount of time on Volleyball Beach at the Chat ‘n Chill. Spending afternoons playing volleyball and sipping on cool Kalik beers. The native Bahamian brew. Right next to the Conch Salad shack on the beach, you can find Manta Rays swimming around daily feasting on the remains in the conch shells piled up in the water.

Richard’s been enjoying getting in on the volleyball action where there’s teams practicing for the annual George Town Regatta events.

Another day, we got a ride to the Exuma Foundation in their bus. They have a small nature trail that we enjoyed walking around as well as some livestock they raise including chickens, ducks, and a few other small animals. They have school programs for the local children to teach them about plant life and animal life. The foundation also supports the sailing school for the children to learn to sail in the harbor.

After we walked around the Exuma Foundation we walked from there to a deli meat shop, the lumber yard, which was close to a small home depot, and another little grocery store. It was a couple miles from the dinghy dock so we stuck our our thumb until we were able to hitch a ride back to the docks. It’s a pretty common practice in the islands to hitch hike, and most everyone is friendly. It’s easiest to grab a ride with a pick up truck and hop in the back…although I got to ride inside with the air conditioning.

When we headed up north to Leaf Cay we came across an island full of iguanas. We found out they won’t get into the water, but we fed them on the beach. I wouldn’t touch them, but some of the people we were with were feeding them and then it seemed like they all just kept coming. There had to be over 50 of them on the beach by the time we ran out of food to toss them.

We spent some time snorkeling around the islands up there as well, but didn’t find any fish big enough to spear. Although on our friends boat, they were able to score a couple small lobsters one day. We seem to have better luck spotting dolphins near our boat like the little baby dolphin in the picture below, and one day we even woke up to a squid in our cockpit! Not quite sure how that guy flopped up in there, but there it was when I was sipping my morning coffee!

The last few days we spent in George Town at as many Regatta events as we could. We participated in a couple fun events at the Variety Show where locals and cruisers alike all came out to the park for the day and they had dancing and singing and tug-o-war. Richard was on the winning men’s team and they all got a free goombay smash drink across the street at the bar. The girls team I was on didn’t do so hot. But not for lack of trying… Later on, Richard and I entered the dance competition and we won a bottle of rum after throwing out some of our old swing dancing moves!

The last day we were there we participated in a few of the small boat races. This included the inflatable dinghy sailing race where Richard and Donny made a makeshift sail rig on Donny’s dinghy and sailed it downwind. They used a whisker pole for the mast, a tarp and windscoop for the sails, and an oar for the rudder to steer between the bouy’s finish line. They ended up coming in first place after the guy who tried to use his kite surfer skills while tied down into his dinghy had his kite crash while Richard and Donny sailed into the finish line. Add another bottle of rum to our winnings!

They had a lot of other fun activities with blind-folded inflatable dinghy rowing. Kayak racing, paddle board racing (which I borrowed someone’s paddleboard, but sadly did not place), and rigid sailing dinghy racing. Another day they had sand castle building contests which was fun to see, mostly it was kids doing it, but there were a couple more intense artists on the beach all day. I didn’t have my camera then sadly, but below is a picture of another beach where we found someone else working on his sand sculpture.

We’ve been enjoying ourselves a lot more with our time in George Town and surrounding areas. Meeting so many people at various events. I’ve been able to get to the morning yoga someone teaches on the beach for free a few times. We caught up on groceries, water, and fuel. And now we’ve begun working our way North with our first stop being at the Emerald Bay Marina just a couple miles North of George Town. It’s the first time we’ve been at a dock since we left Ft. Pierce, FL! We heard from other cruisers it was a steal at .50/ft for min 3 nights and we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to have free laundry, hot showers, wifi, lounge, gym, and walking distance to some resort beaches. We chatted among other cruisers in the marina and had a little happy hour/pot luck in the lounge the last night we were here. We’re always meeting new people and hearing their stories about how they came to be cruisers. Now, time to say goodbye to an air conditioned lounge and long hot showers as we head towards Great Guana Cay to sit out a storm coming through this weekend.

Hope you enjoyed reading!



  1. Tammy Gotschall Tammy Gotschall

    Love it!!

  2. Danny Bisson Danny Bisson

    The pictures, wow….the color of the water brought back memories, I remember my swims in those clear waters. Had the same encounters with iguanas on an island off the coast of Belize…..memories. Stayed on that island for 3 days, slept on the beach in a hammock with mosquito net. Yes, the people I met were always nice, friendly. Tell Richard that Danny said hi.

    • Michelle Michelle

      Yeah, Richard’s been wishing we had a hammock. On the list to buy when we’re back. Richard says hey back 😉

  3. Keith Keith

    That iguana beach would freak my shit! Especially if they all came at me looking for food. Those beach games look like a blast! I bet you and Richard are in high demand when it comes to picking teams. Your last picture is gorgeous, is that natural ground cover or a golf course? Love your posts, keep them coming.

    • Michelle Michelle

      Ah that last picture is of a golf course when we walked from the marina over to a couple resorts

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